A pathology is a form of medical science and specialty practice concerned with all the aspects of the disease, like the nature of the disease, especially of the changes in body tissues and organs that cause or are caused by disease and development of abnormal conditions, as well as the structural and functional changes that the result from the disease processes.

Treatment At Santhanu Clinic

The goal of pathology examination of tissue is to give accurate, specific, and sufficiently comprehensive diagnosis to enable the treating physician to develop an optimal plan of treatment. Our pathology lab experts are highly qualified and experienced. We have equipped our pathology lab with the advanced and latest equipment to ensure the best results. The specialist at Santhanu clinic can perform diagnoses of all kinds of laboratory testing like blood tests, tissue and microscopic evaluation of individual cells.

At our pathology clinic, we provide timely, precise, and quality testing at an affordable cost. And Santhanu is the best pathology lab in Hyderabad.

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