Microbiology Services

The microbiology section of the laboratory provides state-of-art services for the diagnosis of infectious diseases - bacterial, mycobacteria, and fungal, parasitic, and viral infections. The diagnosis and control of microbial diseases depend on an efficient and reliable clinical microbiology diagnostic service. There are several tests offered with automated systems the turnaround time of reporting.

Treatment At Santhanu Clinic

Santhanu clinic provides the best clinical microbiology services. We provide diagnostic services to diagnose, analyze and prevent several diseases. We have the best equipment and we use techniques like microscopy, isolation on culture media, antibody detection, etc. to identify the antibodies and pathogens like fungi, bacteria, parasites, etc. The specialist and technicians ensure to provide the best results at the minimum possible time, to help the patients to move for further treatments. So, take the laboratory services at Santhanu Clinic to get fast and accurate results.

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